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Contact Mapping

Develop More Meaningful Relationships

The foundation of Contact Mapping is the discipline of (1) recording a few important details from each interaction you have with another human, and (2) always setting a reminder for your next touch point.

These two tiny actions will transform your ability to develop meaningful business and personal relationships. Connect with people more frequently and authentically because you are using follow-up reminders to make sure no relationship ever falls through the cracks.

Remember The Things That Matter… Easily!

Voice To Text makes it easy to “Brain Dump” notes about all of your contacts and remember what is most important.

Integrated Search makes it easy to locate notes and contacts based on any piece of information you can remember.

Follow Up the Way You Should - The Fortune Is in The Follow-Up.

Follow-up is not only essential in sales; it is just as important to building relationships in general.

As you go about your daily activities, you are meeting new people all the time. In many of those cases, you establish a rapport in that first interaction to the point where the other person would appreciate hearing from you again.

But How Often Do You Actually Follow Up?

Contact Mapping makes following up easy by prompting you to set your follow up intention each time you enter a note, and then reminding you each day when follow-ups are due.

Become A Superconnector - Build Lasting Relationships

Think about the number of times you hear in a conversation that there is a problem the other person is trying to solve, that has nothing to do with your business...

What If You Always Had Someone In Mind Who Could Provide A Solution?

As you get into the habit of Contact Mapping the value of that database is first in its power to serve those around you, and second, for your own business.

Transform Your Relationships

Berg Learning


Forget all that you know about how to read because this program is going to change everything. We are so confident of the results that we guarantee you will double your reading speed else you get your money back.


Writing can open many new doors that were out of you’re reach before. You will become a pro in both fictional and non-fictional writing styles. Writing with the right side of the brain is given a lot of importance in this course.


Using time-tested memory techniques, you will be able to memorize anything you need, however complex the material.Formulas, phone numbers, concepts, dates, history, geography, etc … will all be memorized in the blink of an eye.


Get rid of you’re calculator because you will not need it anymore. Using shortcut math techniques, you will be able to calculate even large numbers in your mind instantly without any errors.


For the high achiever doubling, you’re reading speed is just the beginning. So after the speed reading course, we recommend that you take the advanced speed reading course which will have you reading at speeds you never thought were possible. 


You have no time, and you need to become a learning genius in a few days? Then personal coaching is perfect for you. You get mentored by Howard personally based on your schedule. 

Christian Marketing Solution

Christian Marketing Solution allows any church or ministry to utilize the pre-written and created marketing materials. Follow up is essential when it comes to planting or becoming someone's new church or monistry home.

Banner Season

Banner Season gives you access to "one-off" production of greeting cards, promotional goods, and custom logo gear. Allows you to present your business or organization like the "big-boys"!

This module shares the results of a UCLA professor’s study and findings on the key components that make up “close quarters” interpersonal communications. You discover the relationship between the words, the tonality with which the words are delivered, and the physiology behind the delivery of the words. 


Your ability to understand the importance of your words, how you dance the words, and how to incorporate gestures, facial expressions and body positioning directly relates to your success.


Limited Time Offer - $17 - Regularly $97

There are many new innovations that have come to market recently that stand the potential to help you grow your business by saving you time, energy and money. Learning about the essential tools is the first step to putting them into action. Many of these high-tech high-touch tools keep you “top of mind” with your prospects and customers. 


Business success today comes down to ever-increasing levels of relationships. Incorporating the latest and greatest customer acquisition and retention tools only makes sense.


Limited Time Offer - $17 - Regularly $97

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