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Logan Stout

Founder & CEO - IDLife

Logan Stout is an accomplished business owner having generated billions of dollars of revenue throughout his career.

He is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, keynote speaker and leadership trainer who makes regular appearances on ABC News and travels the world to educate, motivate and inspire.

Lance Brown

Jesus Speed Painter

Lance Brown isn’t your typical artist. He is not only colorblind, but he completes his striking Christian art on large canvases in less than 6 minutes.

As an accomplished Christian motivational speaker and performance artist, he uses his personal testimony and God-given abilities to share the gospel of Jesus with his audience.

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Chad Hennings

3-time Super Bowl Champion

In order to attain excellence, one must first live a lifestyle of excellence. Excellence isn’t a destination; it’s an identity. Chad Hennings has lived this message through a nine-year NFL career and three Super Bowl Championships with the Dallas Cowboys, forty­ five successful combat missions flying A­10 jets with the Air Force, and as one of the most decorated college football players in NCAA history. 

Chad has taken this message across the world at the invitation of some of the most distinguished executive audiences ranging from American Airlines to Bank of America, General Motors to Citigroup, and a host of U.S. Governmental agencies. He has also been a philanthropic leader in the Dallas­ Ft Worth area as a member of the board of directors of Christian Community Action, an organization that provides assistance to at ­risk families, and the establishment of Wingmen Ministries.

Chad challenges audiences to dare to be excellent and inspires businesses to create cultures of excellence. People and organizations don’t do great things to become great; great people and organizations do great things. Chad credits his post NFL career success to concepts he espouses on striving to live a life of excellence.

Brian C. Fleming

Combat-Wounded Afghanistan War Veteran

Brian Fleming is an inspiring military keynote speaker. He is a combat-wounded Afghanistan war veteran, international speaker, and resilience trainer who helps people be more resilient in tough, turbulent situations.

He was severely wounded in action by a suicide bomber who exploded 3-feet away from him in Kandahar, Afghanistan and now he teaches strategies for overcoming unexpected challenges.

Brian lives by a mantra: “Other People Aren’t The Problem.” He believes there’s a way around everything and it’s a person’s responsibility to go get the outcomes they want in life.

Over the past decade as an author and military keynote speaker, Brian has spoken to over half a million people in live audiences across 42 US states, in 7 countries, and on 4 continents and has been featured on every major news network in the United States on his topic. He speaks for associations, conventions, and Fortune 500 audiences of all sizes- his smallest audience was 7 people and his largest to date is over 30,000!

"Scott Schilling’s Heart-Centered Approach to Selling is exactly what this country and the world needs right now. Coming from the heart with the intention to serve, rather than to simply get, is not only more fulfilling; it is more effective. Being a go-giver rather than a go-getter is the new paradigm for where we are. People want to be sincerely served, not sold. They want to be truly cared for, not taken advantage of.

Scott is a master at this because this is where he lives from. His ability to teach his heart-centered approach to selling and to life is inspiring. Scott has presented his heart-centered approach to enrollment and sales at several of my seminars, and the participants were thrilled and enthusiastic about what they learned. I highly recommend his books, audio-programs and seminars.”

Jack Canfield

America's #1 Success Coach, Author of The Success Principles™, Featured Teacher in The Secret and Co-Founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series

Frank Sanders

Former NFL Wide Receiver

Frank Sanders, is a former American football wide receiver. He played college football at Auburn. He was drafted in the second round (47th overall) of the 1995 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals.

Sanders played in nine NFL seasons. His best season, statistically, in his career came during the 1998 season when he led the National Football Conference (NFC) in receptions with 89 for 1,145 yards and three touchdowns.

Bill Andersen

Health Insurance Benefits Specialist

Bill Andersen is a recognized expert in the fields of Health and Wellness with particular expertise when it comes to the insurance ramifications of the American Healthcare Act. 

It is Bill's desire to "give people truths and opportunity to blast themselves out of their predictable future". Today's show is chalked full of information you need to know!

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Howard Berg

World's Fastest Speed-Reader

Howard Stephen Berg is recognized as the world’s fastest reader thanks to the cutting edge accelerated learning techniques, he developed that turn information overload into information assets.

Respected internationally for his contribution to the learning process, he is listed in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records for reading more than 25,000 words a minute and writing more than 100 words a minute. Howard uses his talents to train you on how to stay on top of the information your success depends upon.

Howard is a graduate of S.U.N.Y., Binghamton where he majored in Biology and then completed a four-year Psychology program in one year. His graduate studies at several New York City colleges focused on the Psychology of reading.

Howard is the spokesperson for the SONY E-Reader along with Justin Timberlake, Peyton Manning, and Amy Sedaris. He is also a featured guest on Fox News, and Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto. He launched the 4G network for Optus, the second largest phone company in Australia.

Howard has appeared on over 1,100 radio and television programs including Neil Cavuto, Jon Stewart, and Live with Regis. Maybe you saw him with Justin Timberlake & Peyton Manning as Sony's E-Reader spokesperson, or on Cavuto completing the 1,500-page health care bill in just 50 minutes. 

Jeff McKissack

Defense by Design Specialist

Jeff is a noted authority in the fields of threat assessment and the prevention of violent crime with over 30 years of experience speaking on these topics to audiences across the country, some 350,000+ in live audiences, and countless more via radio and television interviews.

In addition to speaking at conferences and conventions across the U.S., Jeff regularly conducts onsite employee training programs and client value-add events for various companies and corporations. Jeff also often provides continuing education seminars for those in the educational, medical, legal, financial, real estate, human resource, risk management, insurance, event planning, and venue management fields (and that list is growing). He has also been a contributing writer to several state and national trade publications.

Jeff also has decades of experience in the physical aspects of self-defense and protection, having taught at the university level as well as operating a commercial school for several years. He has worked and trained with some of the same people responsible for training many of today's A-List Hollywood celebrities for their realistic on-camera fighting skills.

But when asked, he best sums up his mission and message by saying, "My goal is to help you spot trouble *BEFORE* trouble spots you." And in today's world, that is a highly valuable skill set to be acquired and applied.

“Scott Schilling has rocked the house multiple times on my stages. He comes from the Heart, presents with passion and demonstrates the very sales skills he teaches. His “90 Second Sales Tips” detail how anyone can achieve the sales results they desire by putting these quick, easy and effective lessons into action."

T. Harv Eker

#1 N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Michelle Prince

Best-Selling Author

Michelle’s entire life changed in 1989 when she met her mentor Zig Ziglar. It was at that time she made a commitment to become a motivational speaker and make a difference in the lives of others.

In 1994 she made that dream a reality by beginning her sales career working for Zig Ziglar right out of college. With her solid foundation in personal growth, productivity and leadership, Michelle was able to achieve extraordinary results and numerous awards, making her an in-demand sales and marketing professional.

Michelle decided to take that knowledge and start her own company to fulfill her passion of motivating, inspiring and encouraging others to live phenomenal lives. She does this through her speaking, coaching and training.

Her life came full circle when she was asked to become a Ziglar Motivational Speaker representing the values and company that ignited her passion and kick-started her career back in her twenties. Michelle is even more committed to carrying on the legacy of the late Zig Ziglar than ever before.

Sir Earl Toon

Former member of Kool & the Gang

As the son of Reverend Eugene Toon, music has always played a major part in Sir Earl Toon’s life. As one of the current most prolific Funk / R&B / Pop singers and producers of the past few decades, the former Kool & the Gang artist, Sir Earl Toon wrote and co-produced numerous big-name hits, such as “Celebration,” and “Ladies Night,” for the loyal fan community who have stood by him for decades now.

At the young age of just seventeen, Sir Earl Toon’s highly unique talents were discovered by Mr. Blackwell, a great individual. Together, the two worked hard to form their own production/publishing office, where they would then co-write and co-produce over forty hit songs together.

After a few world tours as Kool & the Gang, Sir Earl began feeling the need for expansion. With his sights set firmly on producing, arranging, and writing music for Atlantic, Arista, and Polygram Records, Sir Earl began to truly flourish and spread his wings as elegantly as possible.

“I’ve known Scott for years and seen audiences respond to his presentations and run to take advantage of what he was offering. He not only teaches providing quality solutions to those you present to but uses the very strategies and techniques he teaches himself to serve his audiences.”

Rick Frishman

Publisher - Morgan James Publishing

Tom Ziglar

Proud son of Zig Ziglar

As CEO of Ziglar and key collaborator on his father’s 30th book, Born to Win, Tom Ziglar carries on the organization’s “profoundly simple” philosophy:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Tom shares this lesson with billion-dollar companies, small-business owners, and prestigious academic institutions, allowing thousands of clients to take their business further than they ever dreamed possible.

The world hungers for inspiration, motivation, and hope. With Tom’s innovation and world-class coaching, Ziglar is the go-to resource.

Tammy Kling

Publisher - On Fire Books

Tammy Kling is a wordsmith, corporate communications expert and global best-selling author in more than 26 countries. As a publishing coach, Tammy works with CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, and other world changers to tell their story.

Tammy Kling was called one of the world’s top ghostwriters by but her true gift, is using words to change lives. Whether it is in a corporate training setting, or delivering a Keynote, or writing books for world changers, Tammy’s focus is on communication that builds, elevates, and provides clarity.

Huffington Post did a recent feature on Tammy called The Power of Words. Her work has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Dateline NBC, Extra and Primetime.

"Scott Schilling has spent decades studying and perfecting his art, and in doing so has become a true master of relationship building. In his new book Heart Centered Selling: Grounded in Purpose—Implemented with Passion!

Scott provides a strong position for how the power of the human spirit, based in service, is the way to improve the world condition. Scott is one who truly embodies the principle “Loving service – my first technique.” I have experienced personally, now it’s your turn."

Dr. Gilles LaMarche

Vice President - Life University

Debbie Allen

Motivational Speaker & Business Mentor

Debbie Allen, Certified Speaking Professional, is ranked in the top 5% of business speakers worldwide. She has been a professional member of the National Speakers Association for 25 years and has presented before thousands of people in 28 countries around the world.

Debbie is a best-selling author of 9 books including, Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters, Skyrocketing Sales, The Highly Paid Expert and her newest book published by Entrepreneur Press, Success is Easy.

Her expertise has been featured in motivational movies and dozens of publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Forbes, The Washington Post and USA Today.

Debbie grew up learning how to run businesses from the young age of 19 when she invested in her family’s car rental and mini-storage business. A decade later, she left the family business to venture out on her own.

Bob Beaudine

Most Influential Man in Sports You Don't Know

Bob Beaudine is the President and CEO of Eastman & Beaudine. Under Bob’s leadership, Eastman & Beaudine blossomed into the nation’s leading executive search firm in college and professional sports. The Wall Street Journal named Eastman & Beaudine the “top recruiting firm in college sports,” and Sports Illustrated named Bob the “top front-office matchmaker in sports” as well as the “most influential man in sports you’ve never heard of.”

These accolades come as a result of Bob helping to shape the leadership teams of NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL franchises and league offices, in addition to university athletic departments across the nation. Bob’s experience also extends to the PGA Tour, USTA, U.S. Olympics, and NASCAR, among many others. Bob was named one of North America’s Top Executive Recruiters in The New Career Makers, and Eastman & Beaudine was honored as a member of the elite “Top 50” firms by the industry’s Executive Recruiter News.

As CEO, Bob offers clients both his unparalleled experience and the exceptional ability to personally and confidentially pilot them through the challenges and intricacies of an executive search.

"I was challenged this week to call 3 people whom I am genuinely impressed with, and you were on my list. I just wanted to share with you that I am thankful to have met you and be able to observe, from a distance, you and the way you conduct your business and life. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of successful living! I am impressed!"

Laura Lane

Author, Poet, and Artist

Krish Dhanam

Inspiration Speaker & International Minister

In many ways, Krish Dhanam is the epitome of the American Dream. A native of India, he arrived in the United States with nine dollars in his pocket and a vision of promise in his heart.

In a practical and informative way, Krish showcases how the American Dream is still alive and well. He tackles the issues of faith, freedom, discipline, dignity, pride, possibility, work ethic and relationships with word pictures that will resonate with readers long after they put this book down.

The advice Krish offers will stir you to the foundation of your belief in this great and awesome land. He reverently pays homage to “the land of the free and the home of the brave” as only a grateful immigrant can do. With a glowing foreword by his mentor Zig Ziglar.

Krish Dhanam was born in the coastal town of Vizag, in Andhra Pradesh, India. In 1984 he finished his MBA at the Institute of Management Technology and migrated to the United States in 1986.

Sean G. Murphy

International Speaker, Trainer & Author

After thirty (30) years of studying human potential, I've come to realize it's not about telling you what he wants to train you on, it's most important to help you uncover your ability, your strength, your passion.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a little more about me. For over forty (40) years, I have always wanted to do what I can to make people smile. Now, I can honestly say that I get to achieve that task daily.

I have made people smile all over the world, and some I have made rich as a result of what I do. Over the next additional forty years, I'm going to work only with people who really, I mean really wants more out of life.

My passion is to share with them the secrets I have shared with each audience around the world, the only difference is this time, I’m going to hold them accountable for using these secrets.

"Funny how the best coaches also seem to be the most coachable. Having been on the other side of the fence with Scott by being his coach, I was able to see firsthand how he completely embraces and owns whatever he decides to take on.

He is passionate, focused and driven and follows through with 100% commitment on whatever he sets his mind to do. Scott lost 65 pounds and completely transformed his body and life while we worked together.

I have had the opportunity to watch Scott on the platform and he is nothing short of magical in his abilities to motivate and communicate. It is awesome to see someone out in the field creating transformation in so many lives who has started by transforming their own."

JJ Virgin

Celebrity Health and Nutrition Expert

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